My voice, your voice

This is so brave and so well said”

This is what I'm doin'

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Last week I spoke of discovering my pattern of not speaking up. That is definitely part of my ever changing  personality. But I have also had my share of screaming and expressing anger in a not so pleasant manner.

I learned how toxic my words can be while I was going through my divorce. I said the most awful toxic words and name calls to my ex-husband. I mean TOXIC! He was my verbal punching bag! I am so grateful my words did not ruin our love and friendship! I ALWAYS felt guilty afterwards.  Even after an apology, I could feel the toxicity swirling inside of me. It did NOT make me feel better to potentially make someone else feel “bad.” I literally hated parts of myself at times.

At one point, during this life transition, I was seeing 3 different spiritual counselors. I was searching for guidance on…

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